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Customer Support
THINK Subscription Customer Support is composed of a qualified customer service staff focused on assisting our customers. Staff members have many years of experience implementing subscription based commerce solutions and resolving technical integration, data conversion, and product use issues. THINK Subscription provides support to customers during general business hours, but also offers upgraded 24/5 or 24/7 support. Support and customer service can be obtained through telephone, email, or web interface.

US Support (Toll-free):      (877) 456-1306
UK Support:                    +44 0845 602 3022


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Data Services
Data Services provides a wide spectrum of services including: preprocessing of data before it is loaded into the THINK Enterprise database, and loading data into a THINK Enterprise database. Data Services uses a proprietary process to load the information efficiently and quickly into the THINK Enterprise database. During this loading procedure Data Services personnel will work closely with the customer to provide an efficient conversion process and consulting with existing customers regarding their ongoing database needs.

Report Writing Services
THINK Subscription Report Writing Services provides report consulting and report development. THINK’s trained staff can create custom reports for any customer’s business needs including Marketing, Accounting, Circulation, Data Analysis, and other types of custom output. THINK’s reports are created in Business Objects Crystal Reports. We also provide data structure consulting. Our report writers have a number of years of experience in the publishing and subscription industries as well as with Crystal Reports.

Implementation Services
THINK Subscription’s implementation consultants stand ready to assist customers in configuring THINK Enterprise to fulfill their subscription management needs. This consulting is available to all THINK Subscription clients in THINK’s Provo UT headquarters or on site at client offices.

THINK Integration Services
THINK Integration Services is geared toward providing our customers with a variety of custom services. When integrating customer’s websites with THINK Enterprise, our staff provides XML API training for client web developers (on-site or at THINK headquarters), web integration consulting, and can even design, develop, or integrate customers’ sites for them. The Integration Services group also provides custom development, whether for enhancing THINK Enterprise or creating utilities specific for client needs.

Hosted Services
THINK Subscription Hosted Services provides the tools and flexibility companies need to successfully build a subscription-based business without having to deal with all of the IT costs and infrastructure. With all the functionality of our industry-proven THINK Enterprise software, our Hosted Services offering allows for lower IT and personnel costs, quicker implementations and enables companies to have more time to focus on their core activities. With real-time web connectivity, companies are up and running around the clock.

THINK Subscription provides extensive training and education to customers through web demonstrations and on-site visits. THINK Subscription customers receive significant training from our seasoned technicians and help to make the most of the Think ENTERPRISE solution.
If you are an existing THINK Subscription customer and have questions about receiving additional training, please call us at one of the numbers listed above or send an email to
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