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THINK Subscription offers two solutions to meet the demanding needs of subscription businesses. The two solutions - Subscription Express® and THINK Enterprise™ - are PCI certified, scalable, flexible and robust. The functionality is deep and supports numerous subscription billing models, one-off sales, and bundling. The solutions are used by new media, publishers, universities, societies, and niche subscription businesses worldwide. The solutions facilitate monetization of digital and physical products including magazines, services, archive, CD, pay-per-view, journal, software download, access, metered usage, directories, e-books, memberships, whitepapers, e-newsletters, and online services.

Subscription Express is a SaaS software solution for all types of companies looking to outsource management of the subscription management environment. Subscription Express hides the deployment complexities and infrastructure of a subscription management system, allowing you to focus on core business and on your customers. The solution provides customer service and web tools essential in a subscription environment with a low cost of ownership. The solution is focused on speed to market to get you up and running quickly.

The Subscription Express solution combines the powerful features of THINK Enterprise in a cloud environment. Whether your business is simple or complex, you can rest assured that you can promote and monetize your content based on traditional and forward looking subscription models while driving successful renewal and recapture campaigns. Make the decision today to protect and grow your customer base with our world class solution to better serve your customers, build stronger relationships, and increase your ROI.

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THINK Enterprise is an on-premise subscription management solution. THINK Enterprise provides the most full-featured subscription fulfillment solution on the planet and is used by companies worldwide to drive their internal subscription business by providing applications and tools necessary to manage customer service environments, web e-commerce, and back office operations.

Subscription license models provide predictable recurring revenue and facilitate high customer retention while lowering customer retention costs. Subscription lifecycle events assist in development of long-term relationships and interaction with your audience. Subscription models support monetization of diverse digital and physical content including magazines, services, archive, CD, pay-per-view, journal, software download, access, directories, e-books, memberships, whitepapers, e-newsletters, and online content services.

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