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XML & Web Services

Connect Your Business
With the XML integration module, you can connect the critical components of your technology infrastructure. The standards-based XML integration module connects Think Enterprise with your website, corporate software, online web services or other third party systems. Popular integrations include web servers, fulfillment systems, digital rights servers, shopping carts, content management systems, and CRM software.

Integrate with Third-Party Fulfillment Systems
Integrate your existing fulfillment system with the THINK Enterprise Inventory module to manage hard goods across multiple warehouse locations. You can view real time inventory levels through the Customer Service module or on the Web. Produce "pick, pack, and ship" lists for a distribution or supply house. Finally, you can automatically generate email to notify suppliers or distributors of order status and shipment requests.

Integrate with Web Applications
Use any existing Web server with THINK Enterprise's XML schema. You can create a data exchange by generating and responding to XML requests based on our XML schema. THINK Enterprise also gives you the option to generate proxy classes from our WSDL (Web Service Description Language) file that represents our XML Schema. The proxy classes can be generated using Java, C#.NET, and VB.NET. THINK Enterprise also comes with Web Form Templates that can be used as examples or models for customizing the integration to your site's needs.

Integrate with CRM, Content Management and Digital Rights Management Systems
THINK Enterprise's XML interface makes it possible to integrate with a number of popular software systems like: customer relationship management, sales management, marketing analytics, accounting, digital rights, etc. You can use THINK Enterprise's data model to identify all of the touch points needed during the integration including all tables and sub-models. This allows you to track customers from the first contact to the latest activity in one seamless system.

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