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Subscription Express is a SaaS software solution for all types of companies looking to outsource management of the subscription management environment. Subscription Express hides the deployment complexities and infrastructure of a subscription management system, allowing you to focus on core business and on your customers. The solution provides customer service and web tools essential in a subscription environment with a low cost of ownership. The solution is focused on speed to market to get you up and running quickly.

The Subscription Express solution combines the powerful features of THINK Enterprise in a cloud environment. Whether your business is simple or complex, you can rest assured that you can promote and monetize your content based on traditional and forward looking subscription models while driving successful renewal and recapture campaigns. Make the decision today to protect and grow your customer base with our world class solution to better serve your customers, build stronger relationships, and increase your ROI.
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Customer Management
Accessible through any Internet connection, our Customer Service modules allow you to see and manage all of the customer data that is critical to the success of your business. The streamlined workflows help you manage subscriber orders and renewals, process payments, create service tickets, manage payments & billing, and more. Use the configuration tools to manage your product codes, variations, and pricing structures.

Subscription Express is a cloud-based subscription management solution. This focused solution is designed for accessibility, flexibility, and simplicity. Since this solution resides in our facilities there are no capital expenditures for hardware, no complicated installations or deployment processes, and no complicated integrations.

Web Services
Internet commerce is an essential part of business. The Subscription Express solution includes web services for an XML/SOAP interface to manage e-commerce transactions including presentation of products for sale, purchase, subscriber self-service, authentication and authorization to subscription and non-subscription content.

Essential Data
From the outset, you will receive reporting data in several forms. We will provide system output files (label, renewal, payment, etc.) in .csv format which you can format and print or transfer to your fulfillment house. In addition, transactional, marketing, and accounting data will be available on specified intervals so you can track the success of your business and make adjustments as necessary. You will also be able to interact with your subscribers for events like order confirmation, renewal reminders, and fulfillment utilizing standard email templates.

Data Security
THINK Subscription maintains a PCI Level 1 certified datacenter to ensure that your data is secure and protected. For extra security, THINK Subscription has also completed PA-DSS certification for the THINK Enterprise application. Rest assured that your data is secure. Data privacy is handled by THINK Enterprise security and server access logins. Sensitive credit card information is tokenized and encrypted using the newest payment technologies deployed by the major payment gateways. Other sensitive data is encrypted using strong encryption technologies. The solution provides incremental and full backups with weekly off-site secure storage.

Professional Services
We recognize that professional services will be important to you. The THINK Subscription team includes experts in publishing, subscription management, and marketing who can augment your needs with Professional Services in the following areas: training, education, data conversion, and best practices.

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