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THINK Enterprise is an on-premise subscription management solution. THINK Enterprise provides the most full-featured subscription fulfillment solution on the planet and is used by companies worldwide to drive their internal subscription business by providing applications and tools necessary to manage customer service environments, web e-commerce, and back office operations.

Subscription license models provide predictable recurring revenue and facilitate high customer retention while lowering customer retention costs. Subscription lifecycle events assist in development of long-term relationships and interaction with your audience. Subscription models support monetization of diverse digital and physical content including magazines, services, archive, CD, pay-per-view, journal, software download, access, directories, e-books, memberships, whitepapers, e-newsletters, and online content services.
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Billing & Payments
THINK Enterprise supports multiple billing models for your subscribers. You can accept payment at the time of purchase using credit cards, direct debit (European) systems, or bill-me-later tools using check or money order. The system facilitates global reach by allowing pricing and payments to be configured and made in foreign currencies. The system comes fully integrated with many mainstream payment processors including Digital River World Payments, Cybersource, PayPal, and Payflow Pro.
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Orders & Renewals
With flexible order management, you can accept orders and renewal by mail, email, telephone, or integrate with your customer facing website for subscriber self service; supporting a number of different license, delivery and pricing models. The license, delivery, and pricing options can be applied to the many different product options including single issue, subscriptions (deferred delivery), products (one time sales), and trials. Configuration of retention campaigns goes hand-in-hand with each product model.
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Marketing & Promotions
Now, you can join together detailed customer information, identify new marketing opportunities, deploy personalized marketing campaigns by email, mail, telephone, and web site, and measure campaign effectiveness with one complete software tool. From start to finish, THINK Enterprise offers you a complete and powerful solution for subscription marketing.
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XML & Web Services
The application is XML aware and Web Service enabled allowing diverse applications and technologies to interact with THINK Enterprise. The Web Service provides both an XML and SOAP interface. The Web Service connects THINK Enterprise with your company website, corporate software, online web services or other third party systems, and is used to drive customer, order, and payment related transactions.
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THINK Enterprise offers several bundling (package) options. Any product in the system may be combined into a bundle offering creative ways to sell your products. Products can be configured into three package types: standard, pooled, and ad-hoc.
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Accounting & Revenue Recognition
Think Enterprise's powerful accounting functionality uses generally accepted accounting principles to accurately track subscription-based deferred and earned revenue. Easy-to-use screens and reports help you manage payments and credit orders while sophisticated processes, complete with checks and balances, summarize accounting information. THINK Enterprise innately manages the sensitive issue of revenue recognition as well as other accounting issues such as: payments and cash management, accounts receivable, and account reconciliation, profit centers, and accounting periods.
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Subscriber Support
Since your relationship with your customer is essential; the THINK Enterprise system is designed to be customer centric. The Customer Service module facilitates a single view of the customer where you can manage a customer’s address(s), orders, payments, service feedback, demographics, audit history, etc. If customer self-service is essential for your business, the Web Service allows companies to expose controlled management capabilities directly to their subscribers.
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THINK Subscription has integrated Business Objects Crystal Reports into the product for production of reports and other system outputs. The product ships with a large variety of pre-configured reports with other reports available from a report repository available on the Support web site. Since the THINK Enterprise database is ODBC compliant, any reporting tool may produce reports from the database. The relational database is fully documented and made available with each product release or update.
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Affiliate & Commissions
THINK Enterprise lets you partner with affiliates, distributors, and agents to generate new business. More "feet on the street" means better access to prospects and lower customer acquisition costs. With THINK Enterprise you can easily import new subscribers, orders, payments, and prospects sent by partners; track partner performance, and issue appropriate commissions and payment reports.
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THINK Enterprise gives you the tools you need to deliver both hard and soft goods to subscribers. For hard goods, either produce and print labels or create a label file to be sent to your fulfillment house for processing. For digital goods and services, THINK Enterprise lets you control and manage access to subscriber-only content or services, track online downloads from a web site, or push electronic content to subscribers through personalized email.
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Partner Solutions
At THINK Subscription, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated end-to-end solutions -- solutions that, over our history, continue to provide unparalleled value to our customers. We also recognize the vital role our technology and service partners play, not only in your success, but in our success as well. Our partnerships give you access to the best minds and technologies in the industry.
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