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Keep an Eye on Your Business
HINK Enterprise comes with customizable report templates to help you monitor specific activities and give you a comprehensive view of your subscription business. You can access reports that help you lower costs, build customer satisfaction, and increase your revenue. Can't find the report you need? The popular report generator, Crystal Reports is integrated into THINK Enterprise making it easy to create your own reports. As a business manager, you'll receive in-depth business intelligence designed to help you lower costs, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction.

Increase Your Revenues
Use reports to improve your marketing and sales efforts. The ROI Source Report calculates the value of purchased lists. The Campaign Response Report measures the success of your marketing efforts. These are just some of the many marketing and sales reports available to you to create new demand.

Lower Costs
Reports help you reduce costs through improved efficiency and increased productivity related to Tax Liability, Audit Preparation, and Workflow & Staffing. Using THINK Enterprise you can easily collect the appropriate amount of tax (GST, VAT) and report on the tax collected. Or, you can run reports that compile all of the data needed to meet ABC and BPA requirements. Additionally, using a standard production report you can identify productivity improvement opportunities by analyzing system usage.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
One way to satisfy customers is to communicate effectively. THINK Enterprise lets you automatically contact customers based on key events and then personalize the communication for each customer. You can ensure customer satisfaction by quickly identifying problem areas for prompt resolution. THINK Enterprise offers you several customer service reports to help you spot potential problems.

Customize Your Reports
Tailor and enhance the set of standard reports to meet your unique needs. With THINK Enterprise, you can change the names of columns, add new columns of information, add a company logo, change the fonts and formats, and make a number of other changes to the basic report templates. You can also create completely new reports using the report manager.

Export Your Data
With the integrated Crystal Reports tool, you can export data in a number of formats including: character separated values, comma separated values, data interchange format, MS Excel, HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, paginated text, rich text, tab separated text, tab separated values, plain text and MS Word.

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