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Orders & Renewals

Feed Your Business
With flexible order management, you can accept orders by mail, email, telephone, or through a Web site.  Support unlimited pricing options for each subscription, sell both subscriptions and single products, sell electronic and hard goods, manage trials, and provide an uninterrupted flow of service to your customers.

Sell Anything
THINK Enterprise can help you sell almost anything - not just subscriptions. You can take orders for "one-time" purchases and "pay-per-view" items just as easily as accepting subscription sales. You are free to offer both electronic and hard goods. You can even bundle subscriptions, products, or services into a single offering for sale.

Sell More With Unlimited Pricing Options
Successful sales teams know the value of volume, segmented and promotional pricing. THINK Enterprise recognizes that need and allows you to create unlimited pricing options for your customers. Pricing can be based on quantity, subscription term, package value, geographical region, lead source, and renewal or promotional offer.

Sell Customers Again and Again With Renewals
If you're like many subscription businesses, more than 75 percent of sales this year will come from your current subscriber base. What's more, the cost of renewing or upgrading existing customers is significantly lower than the cost of new customer acquisition. Knowing this, your renewal process may have a greater impact on your business than any other activity you perform. THINK Enterprise lets you define clear renewal paths to change the term, price, or other parameters automatically at renewal. For example, set up a short trial subscription that renews to a paid subscription unless the subscriber intervenes.

Continuous Service - the Ultimate Moneymaker
A Continuous Service or Auto Renewal subscription is the ultimate goal. These subscriptions are renewed and billed automatically as the subscriber specifies (direct debit, credit card, invoice paper/e-mail, etc.). These subscriptions continue until the subscriber intervenes.

Find Your Most Lucrative Source of Sales
With THINK Enterprise your order system will capture more than payments. You also capture the source of a new subscription, renewal, or any other type of order. Using a range of reports, you can determine exactly how effective your sources are including campaigns, agents, advertisements and more.

Manage Subscribers with Ease
It's the little things that will keep your customers happy. THINK Enterprise helps you manage order details efficiently.  This includes automatically merging duplicate or overlapping subscriptions, handling product returns with replace or refund options, tracking separate customer addresses for billing and shipping, and making sure customers never miss a shipment when they move.

Get More "Feet-on-the-Street"
Smart subscription vendors understand that affiliates, distributor, or agents can extend the reach of internal sales efforts and lower the cost of new customer acquisition. With THINK Enterprise you can accept orders from third parties and even track commissions.

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