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Marketing & Promotions

Make Your Business Visible
You are continually challenged to respond to competitive pressures with innovative marketing and promotion initiatives that are cost-effective. THINK Enterprise lets you identify new marketing opportunities, collect detailed customer information, deploy personalized marketing campaigns by email, mail, telephone, and Web site, and measure campaign effectiveness with one complete software tool. From start to finish, THINK Enterprise offers you a complete and powerful solution for subscription marketing.

• Acquire and retain customers
• Measure customer response
• Analyze buying motivation
• Utilize marketing dollars effectively
• Segment customers to define a target audience
• Utilize multiple channels to communicate brand messaging
• Promote purchase choices and influence buying behavior
• Refine programs based on customer & prospect response

Subscription Types

Paid - Create a subscription to pay for the consumption of issues, time, or units.
No charge - Provide the product or subscription in exchange for a defined set of subscriber information.
Trial - Offer either a free, discounted, or pay-on-approval trial subscription in order to facilitate the subscriber's transition to a regular paid subscription.
Gift - Allows customers to sponsor a subscription on behalf of someone else.
Issue - Offer a subscription consisting of a number of periodical issues. An issue might consist of a series of articles such as a magazine or journal.
Time - Sell a subscription based on some number of days such as a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. Access could be to a Web site, software upgrades, or other digital content.
Unit - Create a subscription composed of a fixed number of units. Units can be defined and could include downloads, megabytes, minutes, or service requests.
Individual or Group - Allows customers to place a subscription order as an individual or as a group. Send bills, renewals, and contact information to an individual or to a group representative. Sub-divide a group when needed. Combine an individual or group subscription with other subscription types.
Combination Subscriptions - Combine time-based subscriptions with unit or issues to create additional subscription types.


Campaigns - Build custom marketing campaigns targeted at a specified group of prospects. Track the campaign costs, promotions, activity, subscriber source, and results.
Promotions - Create targeted promotions with special offer codes or coupons unique to an individual subscriber.
Prospect Management - Enter prospects using our Customer Service module or XML calls. Market with multiple efforts each tracking a distinct prospect record for the same subscriber.
Import Prospects - Import a file of prospects from existing subscribers or an external source. The import utility is parameter driven and can include demographic and prospect - related information. Delete unneeded prospect records after a promotion using the Enterprise purge utility.
Export Prospect Info - Export prospect lists and information for marketing analysis, targeted marketing, or other uses such as list rental.
Demographics - Capture a subscriber's demographic and profile information including purchase and usage behavior.
Quotes - Generate a quote or pro forma order which does not decrement inventory or affect accounts receivable but which automatically becomes an order when the subscriber pays.
Promotion Analysis - Analyze individual promotional efforts or a group of efforts using cross tabulation, return on investment and other methods. THINK Enterprise includes reports and the data to analyze by the source of the prospect, type of sales offer, type of communication (email, direct mail, etc.), which effort, and so forth.
Promotion History - Find exactly what sales offers have been made and when to a subscriber or prospect by checking the complete promotion history in THINK Enterprise.
Data Mining - Mine user profiles, demographic data, product detail, and transaction history for orders, payments, etc. to produce reports or export data into other analytic tools.

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