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Delivery & Fulfillment

Get Physical (or Digital) with Fulfillment
THINK Enterprise gives you the tools you need to deliver both hard and soft goods to subscribers. For digital goods and services, THINK Enterprise lets you control and manage access to subscriber-only content or services, deliver online downloads from a Web site, or push electronic content to subscribers through personalized email. If you deliver hard goods, you can rely on THINK Enterprise to manage order fulfillment, track inventory and even provide shipping labels.
Feature-Rich Fulfillment
THINK Enterprise offers flexible, definable processes to select the orders you want to fulfill, when you want to fulfill them. Processes may be automated to reduce operator time, and ensure orders don't fall between the cracks. Summary reports may be automatically generated to show breakdowns of singles, multiples, regions and so on.
Subscriptions are managed by time, issue or unit, and updated according, generating mailing labels, output files, email, or any other output you choose. Keylines specifying customer numbers, quantity, issue dates etc may be created. Accounting journals are updated appropriately.
For example: An issue based magazine or journal might require different fulfillment schedules to meet issue delivery times for separate regions around the world, as well as a flat file for a mailing house in one region, and formatted labels for laser printing in another. Lastly, the fulfillment department requires a breakdown of labels sent by region and quantity. THINK Enterprise can handle all these requirements, being able to automatically divide orders by region, and handle fulfillment schedules accordingly. Output data is passed to Crystal reports for formatting -whether as finished labels, summary reports or flat file for the mailing house.

Hard goods can be shipped according to inventory status, with pick and pack lists generated. Once again, selection for which goods and which order is definable down to order level.

All fulfillment processes update the records they select, to provide operators with clear information about actions that have occurred for the customer.
Industry-Class Inventory
THINK Enterprise allows any back issue or single sale item to be tracked in inventory. Inventory items work on a first in-first out (FIFO) basis, and may be split into a primary pick location, and secondary bulk location. Stock may be moved easily between these as required.

On placing an order, THINK Enterprise compares the number of items available against the stock on hand, and warns the operator if the stock level breaches the set threshold limit for low stock. THINK Enterprise may be set to allow backorders and warn the operator that some items are on back order. Fulfillment may be managed such that only available items ship, or that the whole shipment is delayed until all stock for a given order is available. Enterprise follows standard practice of making a credit card authorization first, and only settling when the goods have shipped.

Inventory levels may be manually adjusted according to user-defined reasons - such as a withdrawal for a trade show. Samples may be defined for any item, and the low stock levels for samples vs paid goods managed as required.

If external vendors are regularly used to provide stock, the vendor's information, including multiple points of contact may be stored for reference.
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