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Create More Value from Bundling and Packaging
Most consumers are familiar with the practice of buying a group of items for one price in a single transaction. Such groups of goods have been called combinations, bundles, or packages. A package in THINK Enterprise is any combination of subscriptions or products available to customers as a single order, allowing your business to easily offer any assortment of physical and/or digital goods.
Choosing the right package type
THINK Enterprise offers three package types:
Standard – Subscribers are offered a static list of products. All content listed is delivered or accessible with each purchase.
Pooled – Subscribers may choose a specific number of items from a list of available components. The content provider has immense flexibility in specifying whether specific products and subscriptions are required or optional.
Ad-hoc – Build a package on-the-fly without the need of a pre-defined content list. Package content is completely customized at the time of order to meet the particular needs of the subscriber.
Innovation through Bundling
Important benefits of packages are:
Improved order accuracy – Whether data is entered by an employee or through subscriber self-service orders are more accurate when selected by a single package code than when entering multiple line items individually.
Reduced order entry time – A customer service representative can enter order information for an entire package in the same time it takes to order an individual item.
Increased sales – By bundling additional products into a package (often at a discount) many companies sell more subscriptions and products than if the items are sold separately.
Simplified offers – Organizations can greatly simplify the choices confronting subscribers by configuring a relatively sophisticated combination of components. The bundle is billed as a single unit. Even more importantly, the bundle can be renewed as a single unit. This makes it easy for both the subscriber and the business!

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