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Affiliate Orders & Commissions

"Put More Feet on the Street"
Think Enterprise lets you partner with affiliates, distributors, and agents to generate new business. More "feet on the street" means better access to prospects and lower customer acquisition costs. With Think Enterprise you can easily import new subscribers, orders, payments, and prospects sent by partners; track partner performance, and issue appropriate commissions and payment reports.
Build your distribution channel
When your business partners send you new orders and renewals you can import the information directly into Think Enterprise and automatically calculate commission amounts. You can produce billing and activity reports for each partner as often as you like.
Manage prospect lists
You can quickly import new prospect lists generated by external marketing campaigns or acquired lists. The powerful import utility handles more than just basic customer data. Detailed demographic information and other prospect information can be included. If you don't need all the information collected, you can use the purge utility to delete unneeded records.
Choose the best commission type
Commissions to partners can be a fixed amount or a percentage calculated at the system level or for each promotion. You can choose the type of commission that best fits the activity
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